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Istanbul is the centre of gay life in Turkey. The nightlife doesn’t start until midnight and continues to the early hours of the morning, there are a number of bars making it a vibrant and thriving new gay scene.

There are so many   popular gay bar and Club in the heart of the Istanbul gay district off Istiklal Street. Istanbul Pride festival is held in June and in the September is IstanBear Autumn Festival - a popular bear event. The bear culture has been traditionally popular in Turkey because of their mix of white, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern appearance. 

Turkey is famed for its Hamams (Turkish Baths) and there are plenty in Istanbul, some being men-only however those with a large gay clientele are located outside the city centre and hidden on back streets. 

Istanbul is the place to explore and discover the Ottoman Empire and the history of homosexuality that can be found depicted through ancient stories and artwork. 

Istanbul is an architectural beauty with a horizon of buildings from a mix of ages dating back hundreds of years. Visit the Blue Mosque with its six minerats, the Hippodrome that was the home of both the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, and the Basilica Cistern the largest of the ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city. For a day out, the nine car-less Princes’ Islands offers history, culture and traditional Turkish charm.